Why invest with us?

  • Close personal relationship
  • Individual portfolio manager supported by a team who knows you
  • Custom, tax-aware portfolio
  • Transparency
  • Consistency, stability, integrity
  • Fee-only basis; no sales commissions
  • Long-term, conservative philosophy
  • Independent research/independent thinking
  • Active management

We offer

  • Investment management for custom portfolios
  • Personal financial planning
  • Retirement income strategies
  • Education planning
  • Tax planning
  • Budget assistance
  • Legacy planning
  • Charitable giving
  • and more

Services and account types

  • Financial planning
  • Retirement plans
  • Tax plans
  • 401(k) planning
  • 403(b) planning
  • College plans
  • Estate plans
  • Trust investments/portfolios
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Simple IRA
  • Educational IRA
  • Brokerage accounts







Our goal is a different experience

We are wealth managers, concerned with growing your capital while preserving principal in difficult markets. We provide unbiased, sound advice helping you with financial planning, investment management, financial education and related needs. In addition, we can introduce you to and work closely with our network of attorneys, estate specialists, tax experts and other professionals. Our advice is objective, grounded in years of experience and a proven, consistent investment philosophy that has guided our firm for more than 30 years.

You can expect

  • Peace of mind
  • Return objectives that exceed inflation and retain your purchasing power
  • Trust and confidence that our extensive experience is working for you
  • A custom portfolio attuned to your goals, income needs and risk tolerance
  • Full understanding of what you are investing in
  • Knowledgeable individuals who care about you, answer the phone and return your calls
  • Solutions for you as well as for your intergenerational family objectives
  • Help with complex financial and related issues
  • Access to our network of legal, banking and other professionals to assist with health care issues; power of attorney needs; insurance, tax and estate planning; trusts and family concerns

Communication is key. We’ll meet regularly with you to keep abreast of any changes in your circumstances. Of course, we welcome your calls at any time.

L. Roy Papp is a fee-only adviser.
This means we are not salespeople; we receive no commissions or compensation from third parties, which eliminates conflicts of interest.

Designing your portfolio

Your portfolio will be tailored to your specific goals and objectives and tolerance for risk, with a focus on capital appreciation, risk management, tax efficiency and maximizing income where appropriate.
Should you have existing securities, pensions or other assets you wish to maintain, we will take them into account in designing your financial plan.

We believe an informed investor is a wise investor.

  • We will consult with you and make recommendations, seeking your agreement before making investment decisions that affect your portfolio.
  • You will understand the companies you’ll invest in and why they were recommended.
  • Our research is the foundation of our security selection process and is conducted in-house by our professional research analysts, who are guided by our investment team.  

Long-term wealth creation relies on growth opportunities and preserving principal.

  • We seek to manage risk on a stock-by-stock basis.
  • We consider ourselves a buy-and-hold investor, employing a low turnover strategy (10 to 15% annually).
  • We typically do not invest in hedge funds, alternative investments or REITs.

Portfolio focus

For all of our portfolios, we provide diversified, tax-aware investment management. Depending on your specific requirements, we will design and manage one of three types of portfolios:

  • Equity: Generally 20 to 25 large cap growth stocks
  • Fixed income: Generally high-quality, investment-grade assets
  • Balanced: A mix of stocks and bonds appropriate to your need for income and growth

We can advise on other asset classes from time to time as may be desirable, based on market conditions and/or client interests. We normally use highly diversified investment vehicles, such as exchange-traded funds and some mutual funds, in order to provide exposure to selected asset classes, geographies or sectors. We also evaluate, on an ongoing basis, the relative attractiveness of certain alternative investments, including real estate investment trusts, commodities and other energy investments.

Learn more about how we manage portfolios >



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